Act on Regulatory Office for Network Industries (Act No. 250/2012)

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 10 May 2017

The Act revokes the old Act 276/2001 on Regulatory Office for Network Industries and transposes third energy package from EU legislation. This new Act governing the issue of regulation of network industries covers:

  • Regulation in network industries (including fixed prices for electricity generated from renewable energy sources)
  • Status and scope of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries
  • Obligations of persons conducting activities regulated under the permit, certificate of compliance notification or certificate of registration,
  • Rules for the internal market in electricity and rules for the functioning of the internal gas market

The measures contained in the Act on the Regulation are mainly focused on promoting competition in the electricity and natural gas market, strengthening the rights, protection and awareness of customer, promotion of regional cooperation. Regulatory Act support greater independence of the Regulatory Office and its powers in the field of price regulation and control activities in the regulated entities.
Expressly defines the position of the Regulatory Office as a authority that is independent in its activities, impartial, independent from any other public or private entity.

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