Polish Energy Policy until 2030

Last updated: 14 September 2020
On 10 November 2009 the Council of Ministers adopted Polish Energy Policy until 2030. The Policy has been prepared within the Ministry of Economy. This document outlines a long-term strategy for the entire Polish energy sector, fuel and energy demand forecasts. The Policy also outlines a comprehensive programme of policies and measures to be implemented by 2012. The Strategy addresses the most important challenges of the Polish energy sector both from a short- and long-term perspective. The measures outlined in the strategy are designed to offer solutions to these challenges, and their implementation will help satisfy a growing demand for energy, develop generation and transmission infrastructure, reduce dependence on external supplies of natural gas and crude oil as well as fulfil international obligations within the scope of environmental protection. The policy specifies six basic directions for the development of Polish energy sector:• Improvement of energy efficiency; • Enhancement of fuel and energy supply security; • Diversification of electricity generation mix by introducing nuclear energy; • Development of the use of renewable energy sources, including biofuels; • Development of competitive fuel and energy markets; • Reduction of the environmental impact of the power industry. These energy policy directions are highly complementary. Implementing measures in accordance with the above directions, the energy policy will aim to enhance country's energy security while observing the principle of sustainable development. The Energy Policy contains detailed goals and implementation activities, along with a specific method for their accomplishment. Timeframes for implementation have been determined and responsible entities appointed. The main objectives of energy efficiency field include: - To maintain zero-energy economic growth, i.e. to develop an economy without increasing demand for primary energy,- Consistently reducing the energy intensity of the Polish economy to the level ofEU-15.Targets for renewable energy development included in PEP: - 15% share of renewable energy sources in final energy consumption in 2020; - 10% market share of biofuels in transport fuels in 2020, while striving to make greater use of second generation biofuels. Support will be given inter alia to the development of agricultural biogas plants, biomass plants, and onshore and offshore wind farms.

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