Law 03 on Energy Conservation

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The 2009 Law on Energy Conservation aims to fulfil the sustainable development requirements of the country, disseminate energy conservation concepts, energy efficiency actions, improve energy saving consumption and deploy various renewable energy applications. A large number of public and private institutions must take note of this new regulatory framework namely: All energy producing and consuming parties, all importers and local manufacturers of equipment for energy generation and consumption, all institutions and companies acting in the area of building design, energy-consuming equipment, all public and private educational institutions and research centres. The mentioned institutions shall be committed to energy conservation and efficiency practices, use renewable energies in all sectors of their activities and adopt high energy- efficiency equipments. They must also create their own Energy Conservation Units meant to assess, audit and monitor the implementation of previously stated improvements. The law also entitles the National Energy Research Centre (NERC), created in 2003 to foster energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment, with further responsibilities. The Centre will elaborate energy conservation policies and strategies, draft laws and regulations for renewable energy applications in the industrial and agricultural sectors, collaborate with the private sector to foster potential electricity generation using renewable energy sources. The centre will also instruct local manufacturers and importers on how to improve energy efficiency of electrical appliances, cooperate with relevant governmental institutions to promote tax and custom exemptions to renewable energy and energy saving projects, support and create new research centres, raise awareness and promote education programs in the area of energy conservation. Specific investment incentives will be stated in future Investment Promotion and financial Laws.

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