Admission Procedures of Product Certification and Test Result Report on Electrical Equipment and Appliances (Ministerial Regulation No.01/2016)

Last updated: 17 October 2019

In the framework of applying the recognition of product certificates and / or reports on the results of equipment testing and utilization of electric power issued by the Conformity Assessment Agency registered in ASEAN and to implement Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 79 of 2010 concerning Ratification of the Agreement on the ASEAN Harmonized Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulatory Regime (ASEAN Agreement Regarding Harmonization of Procedures for the Regulation of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) provides the following "Procedures for Recognition of Product Certificates and Reports on Test Equipment and Utilization of Electric Power Published by Conformity Assessment Institutions Registered in ASEAN"


- Electric Power Equipment or Utilization of Electric Power produced in ASEAN countries determined as compulsory SNI products, can be circulated in Indonesia after obtaining SPPT-SNI.

- Product Certificate or Electric Power Equipment Utilization Test Report issued by LSPro or Testing Laboratory registered at the ASEAN Secretariat shall be valid in Indonesia after receiving recognition from the domestic LSPro. The domestic LSPro must be an LSPro that has been accredited and registered with the ministry that carries out government affairs in the field of trade.

- In the event that Product Certification and / or Test Result Reports are issued based on a standard with an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) edition which is lower than the IEC edition referred to in the SNI that is enforced compulsorily, the domestic LSPro tests the product against the requirements in the mandatory SNI that have not fulfilled. The domestic LSPro determines the decision to grant or reject the application for recognition of a Product Certificate within a maximum period of 15 (fifteen) days from receipt of the complete application.

- The domestic LSPro determines the decision to grant recognition by continuing the certification process and issuing the SPTT-SNI or rejecting the application for recognition within 60 (sixty) days after receipt of the complete application.

- SPPT-SNI issued as recognition of Test Reports is valid for 3 (three) years. The domestic LSPro registers the SPPT-SNI that is issued along with the product data to the Director General for further inclusion in the list of Electric Power Equipment and Electricity Utilization products marked with SNI on the website of the Directorate General of Electricity.

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