Madhya Pradesh Small Hydro Power Policy

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 12 May 2021
The Madhya Pradesh Small Hydro Power Policy is a comprehensive and liberal policy so as to expedite the harnessing of available potential of hydro power sources. The policy is applicable to all the small hydro power projects (SHPs) up to 25 MW capacity which have been identified by the Water Resources Department, Narmada Valley Development Authority, Madhya Pradesh Power Generation Company and any other government agency or any private agency. The objectives are as follows:To promote pollution free small hydro power generating projects with private sector participation;To clearly define the incentives and benefits to be provided to the private sector participants;To create favourable environment for promoting small hydro power generation;To lay down a rational framework for implementation of the policy.The milestones for project development are included in the following graph:S. No.(1)Installed capacity (2)50% or more physical and financial progress of the project (3)Period for functioning of project (4)1Up to 5 MW30 Months35 Months2More than 5 MW but up to 10 MW30 Months40 Months3More than 10 MW but up to 25 MW33 Months48 Months

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