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Belize National Sustainable Energy Strategy 2012-2033

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 28 March 2017

The National Sustainable Energy Strategy 2012-2033 set the 2033 goals of becoming a net electricity and biofuels exporter, increasing GDP energy intensity by 30%, tripling energy recovery from waste streams, and reducing fossil fuel imports by 50%.

In addition, it restates Belize’s goal of generating over 50% of electricity from renewable energy. The strategy also establishes the target to increase hydropower from 55MW to 70MW by 2033 and to supply 5MW of electricity from municipal solid waste.

The National Sustainable Energy Strategy 2012-2033 set the objective of becoming a net biofuel exporter by 2033. Its goals include developing a biofuels policy. The strategy establishes the goal of deplying a biofuel pilot project producing 250000 tonnes of second generation biofuel (using ligno-cellulosic feedstock in flash pyrolysis reactors) and expand production to one million tonnes by 2020.

Moreover, the National Sustainable Energy Strategy 2012-2033 has the goal of shifting 50% of rural households using firewood to biogas, plant oil and solar cookers.

The strategy also aims to implement a pilot community biogas production programme in communities with significant livestock.

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