SREDA Standard and Labelling (Appliances & Equipment) Regulation-2018

Last updated: 24 July 2020

The regulation establishes the rules and procedures for ‘Prescribing minimum energy performance standard (MEPS)’ and ‘Labeling of appliances & equipment’ as per their energy efficiency performance with a view to offer consumers free choices for adopting energy efficiency improvement and cost reduction measures through market mechanism.


BSTI (Bangladesh standard and testing institution) shall determine the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) and/or revise the MEPS of various Appliances from time to time as per request from the Authority in the prescribed form and as per standard practice followed by BSTI.


BSTI shall enforce the implementation of MEPS post announcement of the Mandatory phase for MEPS for a particular Appliance by the Authority and ensure that Traders/Sellers do not sale any Appliance not conforming to the MEPS.


The Authority shall notify the commencement of the Voluntary phase of MEPS and Star Rating/Labeling of the following specific Appliance:

a) Ceiling fans (based on BDS 1860:2012)

b) LED lamps (based on BDS IEC 62212:2015)

c) Room air-conditioners (based on BDS 1853:2012)

d) Refrigerators and refrigerator cum freezers (based on BDS 1850:2012)


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