Medium and Long-term Plan of Energy Conservation: 10 Energy Conservation Programmes

Last updated: 16 April 2021
Launched in 2004, the Medium and Long-term Plan of Energy Conservation covers the 2005-10 and the 2010-20 period. It details energy conservation aims and implementation plans to be undertaken during the 11th five year period (2006-10) and beyond. The Plan puts forward ten key energy conservation programmes.
These include programmes to upgrade coal-burning kilns and electric motor systems, improve district co-generation, and undertake fuel switching and conservation activities (see separate entries). The other six programmes are:
Residual heat and pressure use
Iron and steel enterprises are to apply coke dry quenching and recover waste energy from blast furnaces for energy production, as well as renovate blast furnace gas power generation and implement converter gas recovery.
Optimise energy systems in major industries, primarily metallurgical, petrochemicals and chemicals.
Adopt energy conservation standards for buildings (see separate entry).
Promote energy conservation in government agencies, including through building efficiency as well as equipment and vehicle procurement.
Monitoring and Technical Services: Energy and energy-saving monitoring centres in provinces and major industries are to be improved, through upgrading of equipment, training of personnel, and promoting energy service contracts.
Such centres would provide a range of energy services, from diagnosis, design, financing, renovation, operation and management.
Green Lighting: Replacement of ordinary incandescent lamps with high-efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), replacement of traditional electromagnetic ballast with electronic ballast, and using light emitting diodes (LEDs) in traffic lights.

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