Portaria Interministerial 324

Last updated: 3 May 2019

Federal Government shall establish maximum levels of specific energy consumption, or minimum energy-efficient machinery and apparatus, manufactured or marketed in Brazil, based on relevant technical indicators; to the Management Committee of Indicators and Levels of Energy Efficiency - CGIEE, established by Decree no. 4,059, dated December 19, 2001, is responsible for preparing Specific regulation for each type of appliance and energy-consuming machine, as well as establishing a Goal Program with an indication of the evolution of the levels to be achieved for each regulated equipment; the company's contributions to the Gas Water Heaters were received by means of Electronic Public Consultation, Public Hearing and International Public Consultation at the World Health Trade - WTO; and the Specific Regulation of Gas Water Heaters, as well as the levels of minimum energy efficiency are included in the Interministerial MME / MCT / MDIC no 298, of September 10, 2008.

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