LBN 002-01 Thermotechnics of Building Envelopes

Last updated: 18 April 2019

This Construction Standard prescribes the procedures for thermotechnical design of construction elements of external building envelopes for newly erected and renewable heated buildings, as well as for new heated premises to be installed in already built buildings, the temperature in which during the heating season is maintained at 8 0C and higher. Construction elements of external building envelopes (hereinafter – construction elements) are the external walls, roofs, garret floors, coverings which are in contact with the outdoor atmosphere (also over passages), floors on unheated cellars, cold cellars and floor on the ground, windows in the external walls, doors and gates, as well as internal walls and other surfaces, provided that they delimit premises the temperature margin between which is 5 C 0and more. In order to ensure good thermotechnical quality, the requirements of this Construction Standard may be applied in the performance of renovation and reconstruction.