PNS 2050 Standards and Labelling: Lighting

Last updated: 29 May 2019

PNS 2050


1. Compact Fluorescent Lamps PNS 2050-2:2007

Scope: 3 to 60W

Label: Mandatory indicative

MEPS: 60 lumens/W


2. Linear Fluorescent Lamps PNS 2050-1-1: 2007

Scope: 10 to 65 W

Label: Mandatory indicative

MEPS: 70 lumens/W


3. Circular Fluorescent Lamps (Single Capped)


Label: None

MEPS: None


4. Lamp Ballasts

Scope: Electronic Ballasts 10W to 40W; Electromagenetic ballasts 18W to 40W

Label: Mandatory indicative EEF

MEPS: None

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