EESL National Energy Efficient Buildings Programme

Last updated: 12 May 2021
The National Energy Efficient Buildings programme has the objective of retrofitting 20,000 large public and private buildings with more efficient appliances and equipment by 2020. As part of the programme, buildings are equipped with advanced building management systems to track power consumption in real-time and identify options to reduce energy waste. The system also provides data-driven insights to optimise energy management strategies and minimise operational costs. The system can also give facility managers a snapshot of energy use comparison, energy cost comparison, and an overall energy sustainability report. EESL offers 2 pathways to clients: Energy Service Company (ESCO) Model, where EESL bears the entire upfront cost, is repaid via monetised energy savings; and Project Management Consultancy, where EESL is fully paid for its strategic input, implementation, and equipment maintenance.

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