Topsector innovation approach

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Netherlands Top sector approach brings together entrepreneurship and innovation in a single integrated approach, in order to use their resources effectively, businesses, knowledge institutions and government (triple helix) work closely together and coordinate their efforts, public private partnerships. It is a R&D demand-driven approach working with comprehensive sector agenda’s through public private partnerships (knowledge – industry – government). There are 9 top sectors, High Tech Systems and Materials, Horticulture, Agri&Food, Life Sciences & Health, Logistics, Chemical Industry, Water, Energy and the Creative Industry. Through Top consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) programmes are initiated. Parties, and knowledge institutions in particular, report their projects; their inputs and efforts may be used as a basis to apply for grant resources to subsidize new projects set up by these parties. The energy (renewable enrgy and energy saving) and water (adaptation technologies) are especially relevant for climate policy. The Top Sector Energy (TSE) has been the main framework since 2012 where governments, knowledge institutes and companies from all sectors cooperate. TSE has its own subsidy scheme and several associated subsidy schemes such as DEI (demonstration projects) and HER (reducing the costs of renewable energy technologies). Public spending on energy innovations is monitored by and reported to a.o. IEA. A general supporting instrument for small and medium scal industries (the MIT subsidy) further supports the topsector approach.

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