Environmental Protection Act or Environmental Management Act (Wm)

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Environmental Protection (or Management) Act and its implementation in an Activities Decree is a comprehensive set of legislation on environmental issues. It provides a legal base for environmental plans, environmental requirements and standards, permits, enforcement measures, decrees, etc. A.o. it obliges companies that consume in excess of 50 000 kWh of energy or more than 25 000 m3 of gas to adopt energy saving measures with a payback time of 5 years or less. This obligation also applies to all non-residential buildings, such as offices, healthcare institutions, shops and schools. The competent authority – mostly the local municipality – can enforce compliance. As a result of the Agreement on Energy for sustainable growth, enforcement procedures for companies participating in long term agreements on energy efficiency (MJA3 and MEE) have been changed to strengthen the implementation. A set of Recognised Lists of Measures (RLM. In Dutch, Erkende Maatregelenlijst) is being compiled. Also a system for periodic Energy Performance Inspection (EPK Energie Prestatie Keuring) has been launched. These inspections are a commercial and transparent approach involving regular inspections, repairs and checks (somewhat similar to the periodic motor vehicle inspections).

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