Sectoral emission trading system in horticulture

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Sectoral emission trading system in horticulture (in addition to the larger installations in the sector that have to participate under the EU ETS system). Greenhouse cultivation is the largest energy-consumer in the agriculture sector. To regulate CO2 emissions, a CO2 equalisation system has been set up for this sector. The ceiling for the system is set by the government. The introduction of a market price for CO2 encourages companies to invest in saving energy. The basis for the emissions is the gas consumption set off against heat and CO2 production. The CO2 price is based on the price in the ETS. All greenhouse cultivation companies, with exception of those participating in the EU-ETS (as of 2015, around 15) participate in this system. The CO2 equalisation system will not be linked to the EU-ETS.

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