Mandatory reporting of energy efficiency actions

Last updated: 18 June 2020

To further support enforcement of energy saving measures under the Environmental Protection Act, parties to the energy agreement have developed a mandatory system for companies to report energy efficiency actions taken (this obligation is taken up in the Activities Decree under the Environmental Protection Act).


Reporting of efficiency measures must be done through (before july 1st, 2019). RVO provides information to assist obligated parties an electronic submission portal. Failure to comply may result in financial penalties.


The obligation applies for companies that consume more than 50.000 kWh electricity or 25.000 m3 gas per year. There are a numer of exceptions, e.g. companies participating to the energy covenants are exempt from participation.


The Recognised Lists of Measures (in Dutch, EML Erkende Maatregelenlijst), introduced since 2015, are to be used as starting point for reporting.


Updated sector specific lists of recognized energy efficiency measures were published and entered into force in April 2019. These are used in the reporting by companies.


On July 8th 2019, the pay back method was officially published:

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