Planning Areas Reconstruction Regulation

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is the competent authority for defining standards, preparing plans and issuing contractor licenses for construction services (as regards public buildings and social residential housing). In the scope of this; Planning Areas Reconstruction Regulation was amended in the Official Gazette No. 30113 of 3 July 2017. According to changes; solar-powered renewable energy systems for building own needs and heat insulation applications are not subject to the construction permit but this renovations have not to affect carrier system, permissions have to be obtained from related institution and energy performance certificate for building have to be at least class C rating. In the scope of these changes, It is compulsory to preparation of implementation projects and submittion of the undertaking to administration related to technical responsibility, adhere to architectural views of the building project and get permission from the administration.Within the scope of the explanations, the procedures related to the energy efficiency of buildings are reduced, decreasing of energy consumption of existing buildings is aimed and the preparation of energy performance certificate for existing buildniga are eased.