National Operational Programme for Competitiveness II

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The National Operational Programme for Competitiveness was launched in 2000, set to continue through 2006. Covering several economic activities, the programme contained several provisions for energy efficiency: - Support and Encouragement of Entrepreneurship: increased use of renewables and CHP, energy conservation, fuel substitution, environmental protection. - Promotion of Excellence in Enterprises: Improvement in the quality and management of CHP, renewables and energy conservation technologies used. Increased competitiveness of Greek energy technology. - Energy and Sustainable Development: Transmission and use of energy in an environmentally-friendly manner. Rational use of natural resources. The Programme, Development Interventions for the Real Economy launched in July 2010. Pillar 1: Confronting Climate Change- Transition to a competitive economy of low Carbon consumption. Pillar 1 includes the following Actions: 1) Building Energy Requirements and Energy Services Companies, 2) The Programme "Energy Saving at Home", 3) Long Distance Heating of Ptolemaida and Florina, 4) The Programme "SAVE". Energy efficiency measures for municipalities, 5) "Green roofs for public buildings", 6) Bioclimatic building design for public schools, bioclimatic design of the High Axle of Athinon Avenue. 7) Various actions and policies.