Procedure Guide for the Design and Construction of Oil and Gas Surface Production Facilities

Last updated: 4 February 2022

Applies to all oil and gas surface production facilities in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry. 


Governed by Department of Petroleum Resources


Sec. 2 Applicable Government Policies, includes “Zero-Flare compliance" and notes that gas utilization plans shall comply with the government directive on the eradication of gas flaring.


Sec. 3.2.1 Conceptual design approval submissions must include a letter of approval of a preliminary EIA Report; detailed design approval submission must include the draft EIA report. 


Sec. 3.3.1 sets the noise limits from any facility at no more than 85 dB.


Sec. 3.3.2 Requires flare design to conform with API RP 14C, including to ensure maintenance of flame stability “to avoid excessive and unnecessary flame extinguishments or blow out”; avoidance of flashbacks; and complete combustion.


Sec. 3.3.7 “In the event where it is operationally necessary to vent any hydrocarbon carrying vessels into the atmosphere, venting shall be safely done (.…).

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