National Gas Policy

Last updated: 23 December 2020

Details the aspirations of the new gas policy to overcome shortcomings of the previous with respect to a coherent regulatory framework. Outlines the key areas for improvement, including regulation that governs the full process of the gas chain and to reduce regulatory body overlap in responsibilities.


Specifically suggests:

  • consolidating oversight of petroleum activities into one body (p. 36)
  • improving metering of facilities (p. 38)
  • turn away from gas re-injection, to prioritise utilisation (p. 61)
  • encourage the use of flare gas capture technologies, including power generation; replacing diesel fuel on site with gas; small scale GTL; mini-LNG plants; building gas infrastructure, including gas gathering lines (p. 62, Sec. 6.4.5)
  • increase flaring penalties and false reporting penalties (p. 63, Sec. 6.4.7)
  • prohibit flaring at green field projects and require a gas utilisation plan (p. 63, Sec. 6.4.8)
  • consider open access regs to provide free access to gas gathering pipelines (p. 63, Sec. 6.4.9)
  • open an industry consultation mechanism to make sure flare targets and regulations are realistic (p. 63, Sec. 6.4.6)

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