(Tasmania) Gas Safety Regulations 2019

Last updated: 15 February 2022

This regulation requires operators to comply with certain standards issued by the Standards Association Australia and the Standards Association New Zealand, including: 


- AS3961 on the storage and handling of liquified natural gas; 

- AS/NZS 1596 on the storange and handling of LP gas; 

- AS 2885 on pipelines, gas and liquid petroleum; and

- AS 3645 on gas equipment requirements. 


Many of these provisions relate to the maintance and operation of equipment to contain natural gas. While the focus is safety, many of these measures could also limit methane emissions. 


The regulation also sets forth requirements for the development of 'safety cases' and emergency plans, pursuant to the Gas (Safety) Act 2019 (Part IV), and directs licensees to report safety incidents and make and keep records on safety incidents for 7 years.

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