Recommended Guidelines for Discharge and Emission Reporting No: 44 (with 2019 updates)

Last updated: 4 February 2022

This is an industry document, suggesting best practices in emissions reporting. It notes that offshore operators have had to submit emission reports in Norway since 1997. Air emissions reporting begins on page 42 (Sec. 7), and includes end-use combustion, flaring, and burning of oil and natural gas during well tests and well clean-up. The document provides emissions factors for different emitting activities (e.g., Sec. 7.1.9). 


The document also reflects that as of 2017, Norway began requiring reporting of direct emissions of methane and other volatile organic compounds, using updated quantification methods. The Guidelines describe general categories of methane emissions: venting, leaks or emissions sent to a vent that is not metered, flaring, and recycling. (Sec. 7.1.7) The document then lists detailed sources of each type of emission, and notes whether those sources are subject to the Norwegian carbon tax (Table 22). 


A Handbook for quantifying direct methane and NMVOC emissions (Appendix B to the guidelines) was issued 23 January 2019. 

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