Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The By law on Energy Performance of Buildings by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will require buildings to meet the minimum performance criteria and standards concerning architecture, heat insulation, heating and cooling systems and electrification. According to this regulation, class of “Energy Performance Certificate" has obliged since January 2011 in order to give information on energy expenses and CO2 emissions for new buildings that have been purchased or rented. If EPC is less than C class, new buildings are not given residential usage licence. There is no an obligation for class limit about existing buildings of which housing licence were prepared before 01.01.2011. As of April 2019, the number of buildings with Energy Performance Certificates was 871154 .Furthermore, central heating is compulsory for new buildings of which total construction area is more than 2000 m2.

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