Voluntary Energy Audits

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Grand Ducal regulation of 11 August 1996 organises energy audits in residential, commercial and tertiary buildings carried out by engineers, advisers or specialised bodies registered by the Minister of Energy, according to a Ministerial regulation dated 13 December 1996.
The State subsidises up to 50% of the cost of the audit with a limit of Lfr 150 000 per building or enterprise when the owner has completed the work proposed by the expert in charge of the audit.
The Minister of Energy developed these energy audits on the basis of voluntary agreements concluded with the various professional sectors concerned: industry (FEDIL), banks (ABBL), insurance (Groupement des Assurances), hospitals (Entente des Hopitaux), trade (Confédération du Commerce) and hotels (HORESCA).
The draft of a new Grand Ducal regulation of 13 January 2002 (Mémorial A of 18 February 2002, p. 259) amending the above-mentioned regulation of 11 August 1996 on energy audits in the residential and tertiary sectors and in enterprises is being finalised.
This new regulation should limit the rate of subsidy at 40% of the effective cost of the energy audit, the maximum of the subsidy being increased up to 30 000 Euros.