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Co-Generation and Renewables

Co-Generation and Renewables: Solutions for a Low-Carbon Energy Future shows that powerful synergies exist when co-generation and renewables work together. The report documents, for the first time, some of the little-known complementary aspects of the two technologies. It also re-emphasises the stand-alone benefits of each technology. Thus, decision makers can use the report as a "one-stop shop" when they need credible information on co-generation, renewables and the possible synergies between the two. It also provides answers to policy makers’ questions about the potential energy and environmental benefits of an increased policy commitment to both co-generation and renewables. Secure, reliable, affordable and clean energy supplies are fundamental to economic and social stability and development. Energy and environmental decision makers are faced with major challenges that require action now in order to ensure a more sustainable future. More efficient use of, and cleaner, primary energy sources can help to achieve this goal. Co-generation – also known as combined heat and power (CHP) – represents a proven, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for delivering electricity and heat. Renewable sources provide clean and secure fuels for producing electricity and heat.

This is an extract, full report available as PDF download