Special data release with revisions for the People's Republic of China

About this report

In September 2015, the National Bureau of Statistics of China published the People’s Republic of China’s energy statistics for 2013, as well as revised statistics for the years 2000 to 2012. NBS supplied the IEA with detailed energy balances for 2011 to 2013 and using these the IEA revised its 2011-13 data based on these newly available figures, published in this document. The revisions show significant changes both on the supply and demand side for a number of energy products, resulting in breaks in time series between 2010 and 2011. For the years 2000-10, revisions will be published in the next edition of IEA publications in summer 2016. The revised energy balances released by the NBS integrate findings from a national economic census for all years since 2000. The revised balance data solve several detailed issues, most importantly, the unallocated coal demand that appeared in the recent years of the Chinese energy balance (shown as the statistical difference) has been primarily allocated to final consumption in the industrial sector. This release contains key headline data impacted by the revisions for 2011-13.