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Does growth in North American oil supply herald a new era of abundance or does turmoil in parts of the Middle East cloud the horizon? Does the expansion of liquefied natural gas trade offer the prospect of greater security in global gas supply? How much can energy efficiency close the competitiveness gap caused by differences in regional energy prices? What considerations should shape decision-making in countries using, pursuing or phasing out nuclear power? How can sub-Saharan Africa’s energy sector help to unlock a better life for its citizens? How close is the world to using up the available carbon budget, which cannot be exceeded if global warming is to be contained? Answers to these questions and a host of others are to be found in the pages of WEO 2014, based on new projections which are extended, for the first time, to 2040. The energy prospects of sub-Saharan Africa are analysed comprehensively, and the state and prospects of nuclear energy are examined in depth, all as part of a systematic analysis of developments in global energy across all fuels and nations.