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16 Oct 2012 Paris Time Workshop — Beijing, China

Carbon Capture and Storage: Opportunities in Energy-Intensive Industry


The 2011 IEA-UNIDO roadmap places significant emphasis on China to deliver on industrial CCS, with an important focus on the steel and cement sectors among other key sectors. It identifies the need for near term analysis to further clarify overall potential for CCS application and CO2 emissions abatement at specific industry emissions sources in a regional context. To identify the current state of regional understanding of CCS applications in key sectors, and identify key challenges and opportunities for CCS application in these industries, the International Energy Agency and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly initiated a series of workshops focused on CCS in energy intensive industries in China. This process seeks to bring relevant Chinese stakeholders and international experts to the table to share perspectives and outlook for the development of relevant mitigation options in these critical sectors in China. This dialogue includes iron and steel, cement and high-purity sectors such as gas processing, biofuels, H2 production among others. This initial workshop seeked to engage more specifically with sectoral stakeholders in China’s iron and steel and cement sectors. This series seeks to enhance capacity development and international efforts in partnerships with relevant industry initiatives and stakeholders to incorporate findings and synthesize a workshop report to identify areas for subsequent analysis on Carbon capture and storage in an energy intensive industry portfolio of options in China. This process will facilitate the progress towards an inventory of relevant technologies and options and consider suitability for mitigation options including CCS and identify key technical and other barriers.


Session 1: Low-carbon strategies for energy-intensive industries

Chair: Dennis Best, IEA, CCS: an option to reduce CO2 emissions

Wang Lan, China Building Materials Academy,  Reducing emissions in China’s cement sector

Jing Ke, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs - An approach to reducing emissions in the cement sector ‌- BEST Cement Initiative 

Shen Lei, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS - Key opportunities to reducing emissions in China’s cement industry (English version, Chinese version

Zhang Linfeng, China Iron And Steel Association (English version, Chinese version)

Ladislav Horvath, Manager, Technology and Environment, World Steel - Global perspectives and best practice in the steel industry

Session 2: Opportunities for CCS in key energy-intensive industries

Chair: Simon Bennett, IEA, IEA work on CCS in industrial applications – building knowledge, recommendations, actions

Barry Jones, Global CCS Institute - The Global Status of CCS: 2012

Stanley Santos, IEAGHG - Overview and challenges to deployment of CCS in the cement and iron and steel sectors (Part 1 and ‌Part 2)

Session 3: CCS in industry in China: sectors and technologies

Wei Wei, Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences - Perspectives on reducing emissions in key industries: role of CCS 

Wang Ke, Renmin University of China - Key Sectors and Key Technology Priorities for China’s Low Carbon Future: Role of CCS

Fang Lian, University of Science and Technology Beijing - Using Ca-based solid wastes from iron and steel industry to fix carbon-dioxide via carbonation reaction (English version, Chinese version)

Liu Ruizhi, Tianjin Cement Research and Design Institute - Effective approaches to designing systems fit for CCS in China (English version, Chinese version)

Session 4: CCS in industry China: driving development forward

Zou Lele, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, Chinese Academy of Science - Reducing emissions in the Cement and Steel Industry: policy challenges and options

Lin Gaoping, Bao Steel Group - CCS and low carbon development of iron and steel industry in China

Liu Ruizhi, Tianjin Cement Research and Design Institute - Exploring China’s cement industry views (English versionChinese version)