Event — Paris, France

Equal by 30 Campaign

Achieving the Clean Energy Transition will require innovative solutions and business models to be adopted and greater participation from a diverse talent pool will be needed to achieve this objective. The energy sector remains one of the least gender diverse sectors and closing this gender gap will be vital in accelerating the pace of progress as women are key drivers of innovative and inclusive solutions.

Equal by 30 is a public commitment by public and private sector organizations to work towards equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector by 2030. Equal by 30 asks companies and governments to endorse principles, then take concrete actions to support women in the sector and help close the gender gap.

Through the campaign, we are bringing together leadership from across the energy sector to galvanize action, and help all players – from private sector companies to governments at all levels – take action together.

This dialogue meeting with industry will provide companies the opportunity to: 1) exchange with policy makers and input into upcoming high-level dialogues on gender equality; 2) share experiences and lessons learned on the implementation of gender diversity and equality programmes; and 3) discuss the availability and use of data to evaluate and track progress on the participation of women in the energy sector. It will also provide opportunity for new companies interested in joining the campaign to learn more about its objectives and activities.

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