12 Dec 2016 Workshop — Paris, France

G20: Energy End-Use Data and Energy Efficiency Metrics initiative



Welcome Address
François Moisan, Director of strategy, Research and International Direction, ADEME on behalf of the French government

Keynote Welcome
Paul Simons, Executive Deputy Director, IEA

Session 1:
 End-use data collection and its use in national policy
Chair: Duncan Millard, IEA

The importance of energy efficiency data for policy - Brian Motherway, IEA
The importance of end-use data for monitoring energy efficiency - Isabelle Vincent, ADEME
Canada - John Appleby, Natural Resources Canada
Italy - Gabriella Azzolini, ENEA
Indonesia - Golfritz Sahattua Sohuturon, PUSDATIN
China - Jianwu Wen, NBS
United States - Eileen O’Brien, EIA
UK - Julian Prime, BEIS
Australia - Louise Vickery, DEE and ARENA
Mexico - Juan Navarrete, CONUEE

Questions and Answers

Efficiency data in the APEC economies - Masazumi Hirono, APERC

Session 2: International assistance on end-use data collection
Chair: Isabelle Vincent, ADEME

Residential data collection – MESH - Cristian Feite, Eurostat
The IEA experience – sharing good practices - Gianluca Tonolo, IEA
The experience in Latin America : the BIEE project Andres Schuschny, UN ECLAC

Session 3: The energy end-use data and metrics initiative: how to move forward?
Chair: Isabelle Vincent, ADEME

An overview of the survey results - Roberta Quadrelli, IEA 
Proposed elements for international cooperation on end-use data and metrics - Didier Bosseboeuf, ADEME, France
Roundtable on G20 countries views and priorities on the initiative 

François Moisan ADEME, France and Duncan Millard, IEA