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SEAD - Maximising the Impact of Appliance Efficiency Policy with Digital Tools

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Background information

As governments work to improve the efficiency of their economies and encourage consumers and businesses to invest in more efficient appliances and equipment, they need timely information on the evolution of their appliance markets. Innovative tools can leverage big data and advanced algorithms to provide governments with a more detailed picture of appliance markets and key insights on purchasing decisions for more effective policy design in a cost effective and timely way.

The IEA and SEAD invite you to join us for a discussion with the Swedish Energy Agency and industry leaders Big2Great ApS and Premise at our upcoming webinar “Maximising the Impact of Appliance Efficiency Policy with Digital Tools.” The discussion will explore how crowd-sourced information and web crawling programmes – software that rapidly searches the internet for specific information – can create detailed pictures of appliance markets.



  • Peter Bennich, Principal Adviser, Energy Efficiency, Swedish Energy Agency: Dr Peter Bennich is a senior policy officer at the Swedish Energy Agency, where he is responsible for product policies on the EU level designed for resource and energy efficiency. Dr. Bennich serves as a representative of the Swedish Government to SEAD. He is also involved in the project Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances, a capacity building project run by UNIDO together with the SADC Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and Eastern African Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, financed by the Swedish International Development Agency.

Technical presentations

  • Kasper Schäfer Mogensen, Big2Great ApSo:  Kasper Mogensen is the co-founder and IT expert of Big2Great, a technology and consultancy company specialized in developing tools for online market surveillance and analysing energy efficiency primarily regulated by the Ecodesign and Energy Label regulation. Kasper holds a BA and MSc in Business Administration and Computer Science from Copenhagen Business School. He wrote his master thesis about how to use Machine Learning to do online market surveillance. Kasper has since 2015 been responsible for the joint Nordic project: NordCrawl (NordCrawl 1, 2, and 3). He is the head of software development and an expert in tools for market surveillance.
  • Chris Watson, Business Development Manager, International Development Market, Premise: Chris Watson is an evangelist for remote data collection and analytics solutions that improve the performance of global development programs. He currently leads Premise Data’s international development vertical, where he focuses on product-market-fit, use case definition, and partnership development.