Paris Time Webinar

Sustainable Digital Transformation in Africa

Background Information

The International Telecomunication Union (ITU) is with the support of the International Energy Agency’s Digital Demand Driven Electricity Networks (3DEN) initiative organising an online discussion on sustainable digital transition in Africa on 28 September.

The overarching theme of this virtual event is to lead a global discussion on sustainable digital transformation the Sustainable Development Goals. The main objective is to provide an international platform where stakeholders can gather to share their experiences and identify common solutions and opportunities in sustainable digital transformation. It encourages a closer look at the role played by policies and international standards in the process and how these may facilitate positive change. The event seeks to reshape the global narratives of digital transformation and create new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration.​

The event will explore challenges and opportunities associated with digitalisation in Africa and discuss latest trends and experiences with implementing digital solutions. It will also cover actions needed to achieve sustainability in digital transformation.

More information and agenda: Seminars/sg05rg/sdtd/20210928/Pages/default.aspx

ITU is also organising further events focusing on the Arab Region and Latin America. More information: