Law on Protection and Improvement of the Environment (Law No. 27 of 2009)

Last updated: 23 December 2020

This law aims at protecting and improving the environment, preserving public health, natural resources, biodiversity as well as natural and cultural heritage, in coordination with the relevant authorities in a manner that ensures sustainable development.


It states that environmentally polluting activities shall undertake pollution treatment through clean technologies, adequate operation and due maintenance. They shall also monitor pollution according to its nature and keep a record of results, providing related information to the competent authorities whenever requested.


Article 10 establishes the need for planned developments to undergo an environmental impact assessment process linked to project appraisal by the Ministry of Environment.


Article 21 defines requirements for the exploration and production of petroleum and natural gas, including the need to report accidents and emergency response actions as well as to take all necessary precautions and procedures to prevent land, air, and water pollution.


Furthermore, this legislation establishes an environmental fund and the possibility of rewarding individuals or organisations that perform work leading to environmental protection and improvement. It also has provisions regarding environmental education, air pollution control, required compensation for environmental damage, pertaining penalties, and enforcement means.

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