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New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)

Last updated: 5 April 2022

By 2035, China is planning to have a strong international foothold on new energy vehicle technologies. Domestically, the government wants to have all public transportation fully electrified, electric vehicles the majority of new vehicle sales, and fuel cells and autonomous vehicles commercially available and applied. 

The New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan focuses on strategies and targets to promote new energy vehicles (electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles). One of the main targets is to reach a fuel economy of 12kWh/100km for electric vehicles by 2025, and have 20% of vehicle sales being from new energy vehicles. In addition, the battery swapping system will also be improved.


The steps mentioned in the plan focuses on R&D of technologies for new energy vehicles, development and implementation of new energy vehicles, strengthening the value chain of batteries, implement a battery recycling strategy, etc.



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