National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Last updated: 18 November 2022

The Recovery and Resilience Facility (RFF) will provide EUR 915 million in grants to Ireland to support investments from mid-2021 to mid-2026. The objective of Ireland’s plan is to contribute to a sustainable, equitable, green and digital recovery effort. The plans consist of three pillars, Advancing the Green Transition, Accelerating and Expanding Digital Reforms and Transformation, and Social and Economic Recovery and Job Creation. 


P1. Advancing the Green Transition (EUR 503 million)

1.1 De-risking a low cost residential retrofit loan scheme
1.2 Accelerate Decarbonisation of the Enterprise Sector
1.3 Public Sector Retrofit Pathfinder Project
1.4 Future Electrification Through Targeted Investment in Cork Commuter Rail
1.5 National grand Challenges Programme
1.6 Enhanced Rehabilitation of Peatlands
1.7 Irish Water River Basin Management Plan – Enhanced Ambition Programme


1.8 Climate Action Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill 1.9 Base Broadening Carbon Tax 
P2. Accelerating and Expanding Digital Reforms and Transformation (EUR 295 million)
P3. Social and Economic Recovery and Job Creation (EUR 181 million)

The EU Council approved the Recovery and Resilience Facility Plan for Ireland 6 September 2021. Ireland did not request a part of its allocated funds to be front loaded. 

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