Order of the Minister of Energy No. 33 "On approval of the rules for operation of trunk gas pipelines"

Last updated: 21 February 2022

This Order approved the "Rules for the operation of trunk gas pipelines," which define the procedure for the operation of trunk gas pipelines, including maintenance, repair, technical diagnostics and operational dispatch management.


According to paragraph 330, the complex of diagnostic measures carried out at the stage of operation of the gas pipeline includes: survey observations, including aerial and photography, optical and laser monitoring of gas leaks, monitoring and measurement of parameters in real time (monitoring) using stationary built-in sensors.


Section 7 regulates actions for the prevention and elimination of accidents, fires, injuries during the operation of the linear part of trunk pipelines. So, according to paragraph 212, the gas content of the air is controlled by a portable gas analyser. If a gas leak is detected, the territory is fenced with special identification signs.

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