Council of ministers’ decree No. 32 for 2012, about the organization of the oil and gas ministry.

Last updated: 31 August 2022

The decree lists all the entities working under the ministry of oil and gas, the role of the ministry  and its organization. The ministry is the entity responsible for the governance of the oil and gas sector and it has the authority to:

·       Develop oil resources, aiming for an appropriate utilization of the resources;

·       Execute programs related to safety, environmental protection, and reducing pollution; 

·       Implement international treaties related to the oil and gas sector;  

·       Propose regulations to preserve resources and ensure their effective utilization;

·       Ensure the use of the latest techniques and methods to develop oil resources and obtain the highest possible income from it;

·       Supervise projects and their sustainable development as accorded on signed international treaties.

The ministry of oil and gas has thirteen different divisions, including one for the environment, and another for inspection and measurement. The environmental division is in charge of permitting for well drilling activities, environmental studies and ensuring that all precautions are in place for environmental protection. 

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