Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan 2013-2027 (Plan de Expansión de Referencia Generación Transmisión 2013-2027)

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 12 May 2021
The 15-year Generation and Transmission Expansion Plans are updated yearly. The Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan 2013-2027 was adopted by Ministry of Mines and Energy Resolution 91159. In this plan, the government considers the scenario of achieving an increase in installed capacity close to 3,100 MW, aiming to meet the criteria of energy reliability.Two strategies are considered to diversify the energy mix in the long term period 2013-2017. The first scenario estimates 540 MW of renewable energy - wind power, geothermal and cogeneration (sugarcane and palm oil) - while a second scenario aims for only 300 MW of wind power in the northern part of Guajira.

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