Energy Efficiency in SMEs

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Starting in 2008, the Swedish Energy Agency launched several initiatives to improve energy efficiency in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). A web-tool prototype for energy audits in SME was presented, and the Energy Agency participated in an EU-project to develop a web-based tool on Long Term Agreements trialled in the course of 2009. During 2008 several pilot programmes on energy efficiency in SMEs were also initiated, and further tools created during 2009. The Swedish Energy Agency has also started cooperation with the Federation of Private Enterprises (Företagarna). Given SMEs are hard to reach through conventional information channels, the Swedish Energy Agency is working to find new channels which are considered credible by SMEs to reach this target group. A regional pilot project is underway in the western region of Västra Götaland which provides companies with better knowledge on and ways to improve energy efficiency through new and established networks. The Swedish Energy Agency has also started a scoping study for a pilot programme to cooperate with companies primarily in the industry sector through industrial associations. Another scoping study is examining the possibilities to begin working on energy efficiency through the supply chain. By collecting experiences from these and other activities the Swedish Energy Agency is aiming to share best-practice and good examples, either through seminars, published materials, the website, the Energy and Climate Counsellors or the media.

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