Workshop — Paris, France

Chief Technology Officers' Roundtable


This meeting is a follow up to the meeting held in January 2008. We would like to build on the outcomes of that meeting and discuss the emerging conclusions of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest analysis of global energy technology scenarios and roadmaps. The focus of this meeting will be on implementation and scaling up, so rolling up our sleeves and moving forward on the ground.

We are seeking your input as to how technology business leaders and government can work together to turn political statements and analytical work into concrete action. The discussion will touch upon greater business involvement in the implementation of the IEA technology roadmaps; the collection of key recommendations for policy makers; and the participation in the IEA’s energy technology network.

The final outcome of the meeting will be to prepare a joint statement on how low carbon energy technologies can be developed and deployed through enhanced international collaboration and the respective roles that business and government can play in this context. We are due to report back to the leaders of the G8 and major emerging nations at the Huntsville Summit of 25-27 June 2010, and our report will be informed by this event and your contributions.