Doubling progress on energy efficiency infographic

Doubling progress on energy efficiency

There is international focus on a target to double the average annual rate of global energy efficiency improvements between now and 2030. What does this involve?

What is doubling?
Global annual progress on energy intensity doubles this decade
The target is global, all countries have a part to play
The target will be formally considered at COP28
Why should we double?
A critical step on the path to net zero
Over 7 Gt CO2 emissions savings in 2030
Today's home energy bills in advanced economies lowered by a third
4.5 million more jobs than today
Energy savings equivalent to twice the EU's consumption in 2022
How do we double?
Strong policy packages of information, regulations and incentives, and a tripling of global investment in efficiency, lead to the following between now and 2030.
Share of electricity in energy demand increases by over a third and smart grid investment more than doubles.
In industry, annual energy productivity grows by 2.3% per year and electricity accounts for 30% of energy use by 2030.
Retrofit rates for buildings more than double to 2.5% per year saving enough energy to power all the buildings in China and India today.
Appliances including ACs and refrigerators require 30% to 40% less energy to do the same job. All markets mainly sell LED lighting.
Cars become 5% more efficient each year, largely through electrification and a switch to smaller vehicles.
Consumers make active and ongoing behaviour changes in everyday life, like limiting heating to 19-20°C.