Paris Time Event — Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

IEA at COP27: Energy efficiency - Deploying smart appliances and financing techniques to tackle the global energy crisis

Background information

Egypt Time, GMT +2: 9:30 AM-10:30 AM

Global energy investment is set to increase by 8% in 2022 to reach USD 2.4 trillion, with the anticipated rise coming mainly in clean energy. However, the growth investment is still far from enough to tackle the multiple dimensions of today's energy crisis and pave the way toward a cleaner and more secure energy future. The immediate and absolute priority for international community is to scale up investment to bring sustainable, affordable and reliable energy for all.

This event will focus on important features of the current investment landscape and discuss available solutions to mobilise clean energy investment. It will propose the potential roles of governments, private investors, multilateral development banks and international organisations.

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